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BearHART – Bear Health and Resources Team

The VicBears Committee has formed the BearHART sub-committee to further our health objectives and it’s felt that a constructive and regular planning into the future would benefit the health of VicBears members.

It will be directly answerable to the VicBears Committee and be reviewed each year after the AGM. It will be co chaired by a VicBears COM member and a member of BearHART.

Mission statement
Produce and coordinate responsive resources dedicated to the continued education and engagement of the members of the Bear community and beyond with the aim of assisting them to recognise and address the multifaceted issues of their health and well-being. BearHART's Goals

  • Actively listening to members within the community with the aim of continued assessment of the health needs of the community members
  • Produce specific events and resources designed around the health needs of our members
  • Continued engagement with the members in modern and interactive mediums designed to target messages to the places where our members socialise.