VicBears Rules of Association

Every incorporated association in Victoria must have rules. The rules:
  • are a written document
  • guide how your association operates
  • are a contract between the association and its members
  • set out your association's purposes
  • list the rights and responsibilities of members and office holders.
  • Members should know the rules. They have the right to inspect the rules and obtain a copy on request.

The VicBears Rules of Association is publicly available to all members and non-members. You can download it in PDF format by clicking the following link:
VicBears Rules of Association 2018

VicBears Annual Reports

In order to further display our commitment to transparency and fairness, the VicBears Committee has decided from 2018 to make their annual report publicly available to all members and non-members. You can download them (as they become available) in PDF format by clicking the appropriate link below:
2017-2018 VicBears Annual Report