Membership Packs

On behalf of the committee and membership of VicBears Inc, we would like to thank you for your continued interest in and support of the club. Your new committee is constantly looking to enhance the member experience; yourexperience.

We know that many members are annoyed with one of the most basic of processes: membership signup, made worse with failure to respond in a timely manner.  We are striving to improve things.

First, we apologise for any delays in responding to you.  We are committed to improving communication management within the club’s IT systems. Our webmaster, is working to “unpack” technical issues, including the routing of emails from the club server to the respective committee member’s personal email client, and modification of the redundant automatic response.

It is often the most seemingly simple things that paradoxically become the most difficult to manage.  In the interests of openness and transparency, during handover there were issues in accessing mail and a few of these did not transfer to the new system. While most of these kinks have now been ironed out, please understand that any email you may have sent us in the last few weeks may have been one that went awry. We apologise for any frustration or concern this may have caused you.

The new committee has only had full access to the club administration since Friday 19th January 2018, lacking the ability to make much more than caretaker decisions until after the Special General Meeting.  Despite this, the new committee already has a number of substantial achievements in addition to maintaining the good elements achieved by the previous committee.

  • Restoration of the relationship with The Laird.

  • Midsumma Carnival stall and booking of metro and rural Pride Marches including Midsumma (January), Geelong (February) and Chill Out (March)

  • Creation of the UnderBear event for 24 January 2018.

With the current review of membership procedures this year, we are aiming to empower our members to:

  • Manage and update their own personal information held by the club.

  • Select the appropriate membership category with the respective electronic payment.

  • Avoid unnecessary delays in receiving confirmation of your membership.

We also acknowledge that membership tokens have been problematic in the past, and we are looking at ways to ensure this never happens again.  We know members have not yet received their tokens this year, and we are working hard to make sure that this is finalised before the end of March 2018.  With the explosion of new membership applications, it is all the more reason to get things right, right now.

During any period of rapid change unforeseen problems are bound to arise, we are grateful that people such as yourself will let us know in a constructive manner how we can make things better.

To ensure you are kept up to date, please remember to keep a regular eye out on our Facebook page for further information and updates.

If at any point if you have any questions about your membership, please feel free to contact me directly via kevin@vicbears.org.au

Looking forward to a great year for VicBears Inc and an enhanced membership experience overall for 2019!

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