Friends of VicBears

VicBears like to foster close working relationships with many key LBGTI community representatives and our members who run their own businesses. Here you will find a list of just some of our favourites!

DJ’s & Entertainers

Our regular VicBears Union DJ at The Laird every 4th Saturday of the month!

His career as a DJ started over 20 years ago playing at the Under 18’s discos in Geelong. Influenced by disco, and inspired by dance music of the 90’s, David increased the opportunity for clientele for his mobile business, Boogie Discos in Geelong, performing at private functions including engagements, weddings, birthdays and other celebratory life events, as well as corporate functions and school/college graduation functions. Regularly upgrading of his sound, lighting and mixing equipment ensures high quality professional audio & visual entertainment.

His natural and professional expertise in being able to ‘read’ a crowded dance floor, and adjust his music to maintain the ‘vibe’ is uncanny. A rare attribute in such a competitive industry, and an obvious must for any successful DJ. His contempt for bad or careless mixing gives him the professional drive and passion to ensure his fans get as near perfect a performance he can give, every time he plays. Using a negative to create something so powerfully positive and uplifting can only be a good thing. He has the love, support and respect of his many fans and followers who love his audio/video style of mixing, the types of music he mixes, and the vibe he creates when playing at any venue.

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Photographers & Artists

After discovering his father’s camera at an early age, Steve embarked on a professional career in a series of photographic commercial labs. He witnessed the beginnings of the digital camera revolution and embraced the change, becoming an Adobe Certified Expert.

In the years since, Steve pursued the photographic form in both his artistic and commercial practices. He built and steered his own professional studio and discovered inspiration in passing on his skills to others. Along the way he’s acquired numerous awards. Most recently being honoured with Epson Victorian Travel Photographer of the Year in 2016 three years running and and the Australian Travel Photographer of the Year in Melbourne.

His talent on the ground for inspiring his fellow photographers and nurturing his peers through education, as well as his continuing public advocacy for the digital arts, have led to him being honoured with the title of an ILFORD Master.

Today Steve continues to expand his commercial portfolio whilst also developing his artistic profile. This has resulted in a number of personal art exhibitions to date.

If you have a project or concept you want explored — be it artistic, commercial or educational — feel free to get in touch with Steve to discuss whatever you have in mind.

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David Cooke – Photographer. Podcaster. Bear.

Ever since high school I’ve had a creative itch. From music and performing arts to modern day photography and radio / podcast social commentary.

My artistic outlets are an extension of my connections to the world around me and a source of fulfillment where I can not achieve through my primary employment alone.

Through the production of visual and audio mediums I seek to connect disjointed or disharmonious concepts or ideas, in hopes to find balance with the various worlds and lives around me.

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