VicBears Discord and PawPlay Community Rules

These rules are in addition to the terms of use provided by Discord and the relevant game you are playing. Please ensure you read their rules and terms of service prior to use.

The VicBears Committee officially runs the following Discord and Gaming Guilds, colloquially referred to as communities:

  • VicBears Inc Discord Server

Community Rules

  1. Community Moderation
    1. This community is moderated voluntarily by the VicBears Inc Committee and selected members of VicBears, referred to as moderators.
    2. All moderators are volunteers. Nobody receives any financial gain.
    3. Moderators have the final say in kicking or banning people from the communities. Bans are final and may extend for a predetermined time period all the way to permanent.
    4. If an action that goes against the VicBears Inc Constitution occurs within the communities, this may be referred to by a moderator to the VicBears Inc Committee for additional action under the VicBears Inc Constitution.
    5. Refer all moderation queries to the #Contact-The-Mods channel.
  2. Joining the Communities
    1. You don’t need to be a VicBears member to join the communities. Any of our supporters, brethren and friends are welcome.
    2. This community is strictly 18+ only.
    3. The VicBears Inc Committee may, from time to time create channels or events that may only be accessed by VicBears members.
    4. Due to the number of members, whilst we will endeavour to add you to the VicBears Members group if you are a member, this may not happen straight away. If you wish to be added to this group and haven’t, please let one of the moderators know through the appropriate channel and we will do it as soon as possible.
    5. All joining requests are moderated before you’ll be able to engage with anyone.
  3. User Accounts
    1. No offensive or explicit profile pictures
    2. No offensive nicknames or usernames
    3. Moderators reserve the right to change nicknames of users if the nickname is deemed offensive.
  4. Text Chat Rules
    1. No @mentioning the moderators regarding moderation queries, though @mentioning moderators as part of a general discussion is acceptable.
    2. Some channels will have topic, keep on topic in those discussions and move off-topic discussions to the relevant channel.
    3. The following is not permitted to be discussed in any channel:
      1. Any illegal activity, including but not limited to sale of drugs, weapons, personal information etc.
      2. Pornography, both the sending of it and discussion of it.
      3. Discussion of hook-ups. We have Grindr, Scruff, Growler and Recon for that!
    4. Advertising events, businesses or other things. Moderators can approve this sort of advertising but will only approve it where it is beneficial to the community. It is unlikely moderators will approve any commercial for-profit ads.
    5. Tolling, hate speech, sexism, racism or other rude commentary towards other people or members of the community.
    6. Unapproved bots.
    7. If you are asked by another user to discontinue engaging them directly for any reason, you must abide by their request.
    8. No spamming channels.
  1. Voice Chat Rules
    1. The same rules apply for text chat also apply to voice chat, where applicable.
    2. No annoying, loud or high pitch noises.
    3. Users must do everything to ensure the amount of background noise is kept to a minimum, any user with excessive background noise that’s causing interruption to other users may be kicked out of the chat by a moderator.