Held annually during the Southern HiBearnation festival is the highly anticipated Mr Australasia Bear competition!  This event stands as a crowning moment in the Australasian Bear calendar, where winners from various regional and state competitions converge to compete for the coveted title of Mr Australasia Bear. Held at VicBears home den, The Laird Hotel, the competitors battle it out over three rounds, as they showcase their Charisma, Originality, Courage, and Knowledge over three rounds, Bear Wear, Bear Minimum and Bear Fantasy OR Talent. A panel of four judges evaluate the competitors based on the five C's: Confidence, Communication, Community, Creativity, and Commitment to Bear Ideals. The entire competition is also live-streamed, granting the public the power to vote for their favorite contender through a QR code.

This is the big one and an unmissable experience that unites the Australasian bear community and elevates our shared ideals.

Winners of Mr Australasia Bear receive:

  • The glory of being Mr Australasia Bear and bragging rights for the regional/state club.
  • A custom-made leather sash.
  • A gift voucher.
  • A prize pack from VicBears sponsors.
Full list of Mr Australasia Bear winners here

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