• Neil presents Jo Ball, the Chairperson of Switchboard,

    our cheque for $10,000 for funds raised for charity donation.

    One of the things we do for our community at large.

  • Every month we go somewhere to eat lunch for a chin wag, relax and socialise.

    Some places are great, some a little dubious, some open just for us

    and some you won't like at all.

    Some are convenient and some days are totally inconvenient.

     Lazy Sunday Lunch happens anyway we can make it happen.

    It's at your own cost, dependent on your apetite and what's available on the menu.

    Usually the second Sunday of the month but with things like Mother's Day,

    we may change it to a Saturday or another Sunday in the calander of the month.

  • We get together in late Summer and March with Pride

    down the streets of St Kilda and say we're here,

    we're queer and we're going for pizza afterwards!