Starting in 2016 VicBears announced Victoria’s newest rural LGBTI festival, Beartopia in Daylesford! Our original aim was to celebrate with our rural LGBTI community in Daylesford through a huge weekend of country events while directing 100% of the profits towards our nominated charity donation for the year.

In 2016, 2017 & 2018 VicBears delivered weekends full of amazingly diverse events across Daylesford and local areas in conjunction with local LGBTI supporters and businesses. Anne-Marie and Graham of the The Daylesford Hotel have especially made the VicBears community feel welcome. As long time supporters of club over the years, they’ve helped run lunches & events beyond just our Beartopia weekends.

The successful Beartopia 2018 festival in particular contributed to our $10,000 donation to our nominated charity for the year – Transgender Victoria!

Beartopia 2020

The VicBears Committee has decided to unveil something fresh and exciting for our 2020 Beartopia Festival!

From now on, our Beartopia Festival will embrace all of the great rural LGBTI communities across Victoria by supporting existing festivals as well as organising lunches and events in a wide range of rural Victorian locations. We look forward each year to continuing to build on our strong tradition of connecting with our rural LBGTI communities. We will always proudly represent the Victorian bear community and their admirers through rural LGBTI festivals and the many rural pride marches we have been involved with.

Beartopia 2020 Events

09 FEB

Beartopia 2020 kicks off at Geelong Rainbow Festival! Come join us as we march with pride in our first rural pride march of the year.


19 APR

Travel with us to Castlemaine to join in the fun at Castleman Pride 2020! We will be having lunch and then enjoying the rest of the facilities at Picnic in the Park.


10 MAY

The Daylesford Hotel welcomes VicBears back for an extra special lunch – with rumours of a recently purchased spit-roast who knows what could happen!


20 JUN

After another legendary Southern HiBearnation, we thought nothing sounded better than a pleasant afternoon lunch down at Ballart!


Check back regularly for more exciting 2020 Beartopia events as they become available… 

Beartopia History

Beartopia 2016 Events

  • 02 DEC 2016 – Beartopia Opening Party
  • 02 DEC 2016 – Beartopia – The Den & Bear Garden
  • 02 DEc 2016 – Beartopia – Sunset Bears
  • 03 DEc 2016 – VicBears at The Queer Country Bake Off
  • 03 DEc 2016 – Beartopia – Country Bear Party
  • 04 DEC 2016 – Beartopia – Best of Daylesford Gourmet BBQ

Beartopia 2017 Events

  • 01 DEC 2017 – Beartopia 2017 – Opening Party
  • 02 DEC 2017 – Beartopia 2017 – Big Bear Brunch
  • 02 DEC 2017 – Beartopia 2017 – ChillOut Country Pride Bake Off
  • 02 DEC 2017 – Beartopia 2017 – Country Bear Party
  • 03 DEC 2017 – Beartopia 2017 – Burgers and Bloody Mary’s

Beartopia 2018 Events

  • 30 NOV 2018 – Beartopia Sunset Bears
  • 01 DEC 2018 – Beartopia Red Ribbon Charity Luncheon
  • 01 DEC 2018 – Beartopia Country Bear Pride Dance
  • 02 DEC 2018 – Beartopia Bear-Be-Que Feast
  • 02 DEC 2018 – Beartopia Cider Bears

“HERE’S HUGE BEARTOPIA THANKS to everyone who made this year’s country pride weekend such a great one!

Thanks to the hundreds of guys who came along to our various events over the last 3 days and enjoyed the warm and wonderful hospitality of Daylesford.

Special thanks to the great venues who hosted our events – Anne Marie & Greame at The Daylesford Hotel, Mitch & Mel at The Farmers Arms, Mackie & Clare at The Daylesford Cider Company – you guys rock and we appreciate you looking after us so well!

And big thanks to those individuals who joined in on the fun and celebration at our Saturday events – stunning queen Uff, Craig & Martin from Thorne Harbour Health and DJ David Virgona who kept us dancing into the wee hours.”

Rob Camm, VicBears President (03 December 2018)

Beartopia 2019

Due to unfortunate circumstances outside of our control, the VicBears committee was unable to organise our 2019 Beartopia festival. The VicBears committee aims to encourage attendance at ALL rural LGBTI events, while at the same time adhering to ethical standards regarding what we do and do not promote to our members.

The VicBears Committee instead decided to turn its attention to how we could better create a festival of events under the Beartopia name in 2020 that truely celebrated and engaged our rural LGBTI members.

You can read the official statement from 18 September 2019 on the link below.

Official VicBears Committee Statement